We want to know how people hear about us. So we ask them. And here is what they have to say, unedited.

Ask us to send you some stickers....and tell us how you heard about us!

A friend of mine told me about you. (Soborg, Denmark)

from a girl/boy on youtube called IIscoreII (Soborg, Copenhagen)

From this graffiti dude in Pittsburgh. (Pittsburgh)

I've seen your stickers around Boston and think they're brilliant. I'll be in Pittsburgh over the summer; has anybody put stickers on the actual Warhol museum there? (Somerville)

My friend told me about your company and other items. (Los Angeles)

i heard about you guys on youtube (Los Angeles)

Youtube (Temecula, CA)

saw a pack of cas for your warhol stickers on yout tube and thought they look really good :) (London)

Bombit send a pack and you where in it :p (Lynnwood, CA)

Vente Prevee (Lakewood, NJ)

LeBasse's both at ArtFair/MKT in SF. (San Francisco)

the internet told me you were a pretentious penis (Sandwich, MA)

YASSY Y GJYD (Wilmington, MA)

bomit website (Surrey, UK)

I saw your signs and stickers when I was on vacation in L.A. I am going back to L.A. in July Please send some extra stickers and I will put them up along my 1,200 mile drive from Oklahoma to Los Angeles! (Oklahoma City)

i bought one of the framed signs at the artmkt in sf a few weeks ago!  great work! (San Francisco)

Youtube videos (Pico Rivera, CA)

bomit! (Dearborn Heights, MI)

bomit.com (Los Angeles)

freestickers.org (Walker, LA)

Trevor Smith, Somerville arts scene (Salem, MA)

Saw a sign in Birmingham, AL (Birmingham, AL)

Bomit.com (Rio Rancho, NM)

youtube! (Adrian, MI)

seen on the streets (Arcadia, CA)

Art Market San Francisco (San Francisco)

By bumping into you on trains, at shows, and at various gallery events. (Acton, MA)

Web search (San Francisco)

Michael Strauss (Birmingham, AL)

on bomit.com! and i mailed you hihi (Saltsjoboo, Sweden)

Dave Morgan of Groundswell Collective and around town. I really am hoping you'll talk to the guy I sent forth to write a story about you. Pretty please. I know Somerville Scout isn't Vanity Fair but I suspect, as you must, that there are many Warhol owners in Somerville. Please send me an email if you need the writer's info. (Somerville, MA)

I know Geoff (Cambridge, MA)

I got really interested in graffiti and one day i looked up graffiti stickers and you guys were all over and i thought your stickers were pretty cool (Philadelphia, PA)

Art Mrkt SF (Berkeley, CA)

moniker art fair (Cardiff Bay, UK)

internets (Astor, FL)

Omgposters.com (Charleston, SC)

flickr (Seattle)

I ordered some before but I put em all up in Pittsburgh and I would like some more please!  Thanks! (Pittsburgh)

Art Basel. All the stickers you sent me last time, I put up in the East Village are gone...CFYW is loved:) (New York)

in the street send me a lot of stickers for my sticker show ;) (San Ysidro, CA)

word on the street (Hacienda Heights, CA)

Artinfo.com :) (Falls Church, VA)

Signz. Stickerz. Then Google. (Boston)

I've seen your sticker & sign installations around Boston/Somerville. (Somerville)

On GraffitiDeed's Youtube video. (Leinster, Ireland)

via www.artsy.nl (The Hague, The Netherlands)

The Internet knocked (Somerville)

through trades (Rancho Santa Fe, CA)

I saw this site from Bomit.com, send me some dope stickers!!!! (Staten Island, NY)

I saw your sign :) (Seattle)

art basel 2011 awesome (Brooklyn)

Mutual friends online and seen stickers up in Los Angeles. (Pomona, CA)

Your art installations. More art the better, I can put it in good hands. (Anaheim, CA)

Sign Posted Outside Building (Boston)

TEDxSomerville (Millbury, MA)

MassArt (Concord, MA)

From a friend. (Brooklyn)

a friend of mine has been putting them up in my hometown so i wanna bring it to pittsburgh  (Pittsburgh)

Bomit (Dordrecht, The Netherlands)

a friend! (New York)

have seen your stickers around town; amazing, love it; thanks (Somerville)

Warholian.com (Melbourne, Australia)

i don't know. i live in cali. you want to trade stickers? (Corona, CA)

The Banksy forum (Belfast, UK)

I saw a sticker near my neighborhood. (Portland, OR)

Bombit.com (Llandrindod Wells, UK)


Through a friend (Bowdoinham, ME)

bomit.com (Lewis Center, OH)

A link on facebook (Stone, Kent, UK)

Surfing the web (North Royalton, OH)

Saw sticker on Huntington Ave and in the MassArt silent auction catalog. (Providence, RI)

From Warhol-selling friend. (Austin)

saw one of the signs IN the art institute of chicago...INCREDIBLE.... (Chicago)

lid of a local men's room trash can (South Portland, ME)

StreetArtStickers.com (New York)

flickr (Kenosha, WI)

My co-workers (Baldwin Park, CA)

just see you on bomit :) (Stockholm, Sweden)

I see stickers. I see signs. I want stickers. I want CA$H. You want WARHOL. Cambridge, MA)

art basel miami (Panama City, FL)

Not exactly sure but have been aware of your stuff for a few years...probably trips to Boston? (Barrington, NH)

TEDxSomerville (Boston)

 I saw a sticker at Maxwell Colette in Chicago, Illinois. (Gwinn, MI)

 moniker projects, village underground, shoreditch, london (Cardiff, UK)

Flickr (Seattle)

instagram (Rogue River, OR)

Friend of a friend (Braintree, Essex, England)

sticker swapping websites, bomit, freestickers (Witham, Essex, England)

one of your signs!!! Love the whole campaign!!!! (Detroit, MI)

saw a sign and wanted one (Elk Grove, CA)

flickr (Dixon, CA)

my friend (Bronx, NY)

internet (Minneapolis, MN)

Saw a sign on a pole at 23rd & Madison in Seattle.  We're having a Warhol fund raising Bash in March; any chance we could use some signs too?  (Seattle)

basicly all my friends! (Frederick, MD)

Word of mouth (St. Louis)

Bomit (Sao Paolo, Brazil)

I saw your sticker at the top of my street and would love to spread the word! (Toronto)

you sent me some stickers before and I ran out :) sticking them up east london (London)

From bomit.com sticker packs. Thank you :) (Markham, Ontario)

Bomit.com (Big Bear City, CA)

I was at a book store blasting through the art magazines when I saw a little blurb on your project then I got home and looked it up and your sort of my hero now. Keep me posted on any awesome stuff you have up your sleave and thanks in advance for stickers!!! (San Antonio)

YouTube (Laredo, TX)

At Moniker Art Fair. (Warszawa, Polska)

RAW art fair (Barendrecht, The Netherlands)

stickers out on the street (Lake Forest, CA)

youtube and bomit.com (Stuart, FL)

LOVE your work, just see it all over LA (Los Angeles)

Saw your sign! (Seattle)

Artillery Mag (Sacramento, CA)

Sign in Dallas (Dallas)

Bomit.com (Round Rock, TX)

At the Jealous gallery, intend to go back to purchase a nice 'Cash for your Warhol' sign (London)

From a friend! (New Paltz, NY)

bomit.com (Charleston, WV)

From Bomit. (Carignan, Quebec)

YouTube send me alot I wanna get u guys out! (Laredo, TX)

The internet! (Bend, OR)

saw a sticker on mass ave. (Cambridge)

See the signs.  Hilarious and awesome idea and cool installation artwork.  Want to spread the movement. (Cambridge)

i saw a sign on a shepard fairey wheat paste and smiled really hard. (Chicago)

My good friend Bing..! (West Mifflin, PA)

frend told me :) (Nottingham, UK)

I saw your stickers since i began making/trading stickers. (Timisoara, Romania)

some friends in street art (Manorville, NY)

Vortman (Longwood, FL)

bomit. and a love for stickers. (Woodbury, MN)

Huffington Post! (New Paltz, NY)

Web article (San Francisco)

Boston NerdNite! (Cambridge)

Bomit website. (Stonehaven, Scotland)

My friend (Sherman Oaks, CA)

On the internet while looking up street art stickers. (Cape Coral, FL)

i heard about you guys from bombit dot com. (Lake Forest, CA)

Saw Cash for Your Warhol sign from Moniker Art Fair (London)

New American Paintings tweet (Reston, VA)

Bomit.com (Moreno Valley, CA)

i see your stickers all over the place! :) (Hove, East Sussex, UK)

I saw you on flickr. I like the theme. (Hayward, CA)

I saw a CASH FOR YOUR WARHOL sticker on a bus stop! (Seattle)

flickr could you send me a bunch like 30 + stickers? i will get you up aswell as a print? that would be awesome!!!!!!!! (Metuchen, NJ)

Seeing Cash for your Warhol around boston (Natick, MA)

Links and blogs (San Antonio)

from a friend (Helsinki, Finland)

Warholian.com (Mililani, Hawaii)

bomit website (London)

i see your stickers and signs up from time to time and love them. id be happy to throw some up while traveling! (Winthrop, MA)

By: www.stickerartistoftheyear.com (Madrid)

I can't even remember the first time. Maybe saw your sticker when i was visiting NYC. (Helsinki, Finland)

Facebook, online forums, Moniker... (Edinburgh, Scotland)

My mother- Ann -keeps talking about you and your signs so I thought I would look it up! Merry Christmas! (Adel, IA)

facebook (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Via Twitter (Edinburgh, Scottland)

My best bud MAR!!! U rock. (West Hollywood, CA)